Reporting a Post to Forum Staff

If there is a posting on the forum that requires a forum staff member's attention, such as a post that is breaking the forum rules, you can report the post using the Report Post tool. To use this, locate the post that requires a staff members attention, then click the Post Options button located in the top-right hand corner of the post. Then click the Report Post option provided.

Once the Report Post option is clicked, a pop up window will display asking you to provide a reason. Using a maximum limit of 256 characters, describe why you are reporting the selected post to forum staff and then click the Report Post button located in the bottom of the Report Post pop up window. Once the Report Post button has been clicked, you will receive a confirmation notice that the post has been reported.

After you have reported a post, it is up to the forum staff to review your report and to come to a decision on what to do with the report. You will not be notified of any action taken unless a forum staff member has messaged you to make you aware of those details.